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The End of Cheap China - Shaun Rein


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[amazonsearch]The End of Cheap China[/amazonsearch]


My friend, Shaun Rein just wrote a book titled, "The End of Cheap China".  Shaun is the Founder of China Market Research Group (CMR)  based in Shanghai (http://www.cmrconsulting.com.cn).


He told me the following:


In the book I interview Chinese billionaires, senior government officials, migrant workers and even prostitutes to track China's evolution and how its changes will affect the rest of the world.  It is meant to be a fun, entertaining yet informative read.  It hit #11 earlier this week on Amazon's best seller list for economics books even though it is still in pre-order stage. 


Ambassador Nicholas Platt (President Emeritus for the Asia Society) along with others like legendary investor Anthony Bolton (president of Fidelity) and Professor William Kirby (Harvard Business School professor and former Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard) endorsed the book. 


Ambassador Platt says:  "The End of Cheap China is an indispensable guide to the rapid changes in China's economy and society. Shaun Rein has observed at first hand the developments that shape the attitudes and behavior of his own coming generation. His firm has analyzed, as well as helped shape, the markets he describes. A practical, must read for anyone dealing with China, doing business there, or simply trying to understand what is going on."


Would appreciate it a ton if you could let folks know about the book. I am finding pre-orders are critical for book stores to give it good shelf space and for the media to do book reviews. I am also finding out that publishers expect authors to do most of the marketing themselves.  So I would greatly appreciate it if you could let people you think might be interested in the book know about it.  Thanks a million!


Enjoy the read.  Thanks for the suggestion to post the above on the board, Sanjeev!

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