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Canseco vs. Dykstra


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For those Lenny Dykstra and/or boxing fans out there, this is the event of the century.  Jose Canseco vs. Lenny Dykstra in the ring.  Dykstra has vowed to destroy Canseco for "spreading lies".  The rest of the fight card isn't too shabby either:  Joey Buttafuoco, Tareq Salahi (the infamous White House dinner crasher), Jeremy Jackson from Baywatch, Kato Kaelin, Coolio, Amy Fisher (just because Joey Buttafuoco might be lonely) and the Octomom.  This one has it all for the low price of $19.95.  Now that's a deal a value investor can get behind.



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Hmm.  If Canseco is still juicing he may destroy Dykstra buuuuuuuut, if Dykstra has an insider deal with the promoters it may be his night in the eyes of the "judges".  8)


It also amuses me that these people are called celebrities.


It should be a decent fight.  Canseco has got the size, but Dykstra wasn't called Nails for nothing.  Don't forget, Dykstra was a big juicer too.  Check out his pics from the Mets in the late 1980s vs his time on the early 90s Phillies teams.  That 1993 Phillies team was full of juicers.  Remember Darren Daulton flexing for the camera?  I've got to give it to Canseco though based on the size advantage and the fact that he has been building this fantastic boxing career for a while now, so he's got the experience too.  I believe Canseco also has trained for years in various martial arts.

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Don't forget John Kruk, he juiced too.  He was following the Babe Ruth diet of hot dogs and beer.


From what it sounds like, Dykstra has let himself go and like you said, Canseco still trains.  Who knows.


The Baywatch kid is in there?!  Kato is still beating the celebrity bag too?  Was he ever a celeb? 

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