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Interview of Mark Stahlman (current economic problems, Carlota Perez and others)

Green King

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I found this interview while searching for a hour or more video on Carlota Perez

quite interesting.

If you can get pass the interruption of the interviewer the interview brings quiet interesting ideas and perspectives 


First talks about technology cycle, touches a little on Carlota Perez and others (takes place in 2008)

And the current economic problems caused by technology


This one takes place in 2002 post crash

he talks about Japan and why it he thinks it happened

Next move for technology going forward and other things


Watch the whole thing as it dose get interesting.


Please comment on things said on the interview that you disagree with or dose not like.

I don`t know much about the tech sector i thought it was good but i don`t know enough about this to make a judgement.

Share you knowledge


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