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Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc (JTX)


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On Jackson Hewitt


I am retired and each year I run a JH store and to put it bluntly- I just love it as I like the shortness of the job and getting out and talking with average people about life.


I would not invest with JH unless the price is just a one time puff of gain- like I did with Gannett this year.  I bought it at $2 which was less than 1/2 year's free cash flow.  I've sold that stock now for a little over a double within a short period of time.


The reason?  JH is just dealing with competition coming out of the woodwork from every direction.  Online free stuff directly to the IRS and State, Turbo Tax, Jiffy, H & R, etc, etc, etc. 


There is a price to buy it however - like most businesses.  But I do not see it ever being a growth story of any kind.

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