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Security Analysis 3rd - Graham and Dodd


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[amazonsearch]Security Analysis[/amazonsearch]


This is more of a question.  I have the first, second and sixth (the second by default as it was on a cd inside the sixth).


After reading Peter Cundill, "There's Always Something to Do", I was intrigued by the part that mentioned he had a copy of S.A. 4th edition that "devoured" Chapter 41, “The Asset Value Factor in Common Stock Valuation”

It also shows up in the 3rd as chapter 38.


My question to those who know the other editions, is there a comparable chapter in the 2nd or is it something completely new that Graham and Dodd added to the 3rd? 


I know sooner or later I'm going to order the 3rd edition from Chapters/Indigo anyway, I just wondered if the chapter is already in the 2nd with a different name.

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Hopefully this helps..  I pulled out both my 3rd edition and my 6th edition and skimmed chapter 38 of the 3rd.  It seems that chapter 38 is basically a summation of chapters 42-45 of the sixth (and 2nd) edition.


I actually just finished re-reading the book (6th edition) and I liked it a lot more than the third edition.  I find it amazing how much the book changed in ten years.  It was almost like reading a different book, very cool to see how the thought process evolved over time.


As a side note augustabound does your CD contain the entire book?  The CD that came with my 6th edition linked to a website where I could download the PDFs of the missing chapters and nothing else.  I was a bit disappointed hoping for the entire 2nd edition.

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From my reading Chapter 38 is new chapter.  All the examples are from 1948 -50 and it summarizes how the asset value and income value are thought of differently in private businesses versus public businesses and the effects of excess cash on the pricing of common stocks.



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