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Odds of a recession - poll


What is your feeling on odds of a recession?  

84 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your feeling on odds of a recession?

    • No recession
    • >20% but
    • >50% but
    • certain recession

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Since recessions are determined after the fact I would suggest the US is already back in a mild recession, or still in the last one.


Dont worry, Obama wants to get re-elected.  His speech next week is going to be full of executive decisions to spend money that can legally bypass congress.  I understand there are a multitude of ways he can do this and get credit for it as well.  They are timing it to get maximum benefit.  Call me cynical but it is all about the votes isn't it?  By next summer happy days will be here again and I will be exiting stocks for the inevitable let down when the US has to go back to paying the piper.  Market timing at its best.


Look for all kinds of tax incentives for companies to hire and possibly even some taxes to force them to move some of that cash off their balance sheet.  The Bernanke all but telegraphed this in his Jackson Hole speech: "Its up to the government to do something this time".

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