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Seven other top investing books


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  These all helped me. There are of course other good ones not mentioned though


There's Always Something To Do - Peter Cundill


The King of Cash - Laurence Tisch


  You can be a Stock Market Genius - Joel Greenblatt


  Value Investing  A Balanced Approach - Martin Whitman


Billion Dollar Mistake - Stephen L. Weiss


  For range bound markets like lately - Active Value Investing - Vitaliy Katsenelson


  Hidden Champions & Hidden Champions of the 21st Century -  Herman Simon

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Hi RJ,


Good books, but I need each of them in the format of:  "Title" - "Author(s)"


That way we have a running dialogue on a specific book, so if someone wants to know about that one book, they can read the thread and find out if it would be a good choice for them.  Cheers!

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