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Lou Simpson's Firm Info


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Thanks for that link. 


Interesting that ....


Currently, Ms. Querrey serves as ...... Member of the Board of International Dispensing, ....  Hmmm.  A blast from the past.  I wonder how long she has served on that Board.  Previous to or after her marriage to Lou Simpson?


I read all of the information with great interest.  Is Lou Simpson really available as a manager?  For me?  Wow.  I have been interested since the announcement that he would be running private money out of his new home in Naples.


Now?  Having read this material?  I see some issues of concern.  To wit.  A husband and wife team.  He born in 1936 and she born in 1961.  Did I read that correctly?  Check.  YES.  Get out the calculator.  He is 75 and she is 50.  Dang.  (Better than 50 and 25 though.) 


So now I'm thinking ... that this might be their "together" project.  Uh oh.  HE of GEICO fame, and she of what exactly again?  And how long have they been married?  I have no clue.  But will google it.  Not that the answer will mean much, either way.  A husband/wife team sends up red flags for me, generally.  Then the age difference.  Then her lack of relevant background.  It sounds like she has a LOT of responsibility on THIS one.  Really a lot.  And I don't see that kind of experience in her background. 


Boy. Would I love to go in with Lou Simpson though.


High net worth individuals?  What's the minimum investment?  I didn't see that.


Can you offer any comment on the above? 


I'm having trouble posting now.  The reply box is jumping all over the place.  So I have to end. 






















I will be googling










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