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Good Article on BYD


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Ahh, much thanks.  Does anyone know what broker I can use that trades in SEHK?


My brokerage is the discount arm of one of the Canadian chartered banks.  The only way I can buy on a foreign exchange is to call in my instructions verbally during their local trading desk hours. These hours don't overlap with SEHK trading times so they record my instructions and submit an order and then get back to me in a day or two with the outcome.  Hard to get your price unless you are buying a liquid stock.  The commission fees charged are higher and there are additional exchange fees.


If you dealt with someone like Interactive Brokers, I suspect you could trade directly on SEHK during Hong Kong market hours.  This would be the best option.


Another option:  You can often buy a sponsored or unsponsored ADR for chinese stocks on the Pinksheets.  They always seem to have tickers that are 5 letters long and end in F or Y or something (I think that signifies non-US stocks).  More information about these ADRs can be found at www.pinksheets.com.  I think that site tells you the ratios between the ADR and the stocks listed on HKSE.  (for example it could be 10shares on HKSE =  1 ADR share)  Maybe someone with more recent experience can chime in on this.

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If you start typing BYD in google finance, the autocomplete shows gives you a couple of possible leads.






You can see the price quotes here.



HKD/USD= 0.129 right now. 

1211.HK = HK$18.60 in USD = US$2.49 = almost exact price of exact of BYDDF on US Pink Sheets.


BYDDY, on the other hand, is an unsponsored ADR at 10:1 share ratio, therefore it is trading at US$24.30 (nearly same as 10x$2.49). I'm not sure of the implications of investing in unsponsored ADRs.


Hope that helps.



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