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Municipal Bonds education??


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Wondering if anyone on the board invest in muni's on a the board.  My understanding is extremely limited in this area.


Any recommendations on where to get a more through understanding of this type of investment?


What are the mistakes investors make with these investments?


Any other advice you feel is important with these types of bonds?


If I went the advisor route, how can one determine if he/she is worth their salt?

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I picked up some closed end muni fund shares after Whitney spouted off late last year. I selected the Pimco and Blackrock offerings because I thought they were experienced mgrs. Obviously not the best selection criteria. I also scanned the portfolios to see if they held any obvious problems like iL and I didn't see anything that changed my mine. I used a basket approach because of my lack of specific knowledge in munis, but felt it was a decent opportunity.


I thin you would have to be an expert in these or else be widely diversified.

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I was wanting to keep them in the state of NC if possible.  Of course I'd like to get them cheap but I don't even know what that definition really means when it comes to these.  Trying to gain an understanding before I do anything.  More than likely will rely on outside help.  More or less just looking to be pointed in the right direction.


I'll take a look into Pimpco and Black Rock.  Maybe I can get a better understanding if they send out letters regarding the funds.

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