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Article on Odlum Brown's Murray Leith


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We've got a pretty hardcore group of value investors in Vancouver now...Cundill, McElvaine, Vertex, Odlum Brown, Leith-Wheeler, MPIC!   ;D  And we are all a few blocks from each other.  


Here's an article on Murray Leith of Odlum Brown.  Cheers!



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Yes, I forgot about Duncan Ross.  You just told me about them recently, and I forgot.  Really building quite the small group of value fund managers in Vancouver. 


And if you consider that Prem's company "Sixty-Two" is registered here as well...also just a few blocks away at a law office...then that is pretty amazing!  ;D  Not sure why he registered here long ago, but he did. 


Oh, one last tid-bit.  Our attorney who drew up our Canadian Fund documents four years ago, is also the same attorney who drew up the original Cundill Partnership documents 30+ years ago, and he sat on the board in the early years.  Small world!  Cheers!

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