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Posts from the old board (great resource) + Parsad's first post


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I've gone through some of the posts from the old MSN Berkshire board. It has been a great resources and I'd suggest looking through it sometime.


You can find the old posts at http://msnbrkboardarchive.multiply.com and clicking on the "Blog" link. There are 490 pages of posts, so there is a lot of material in there. I just wish I could google through the old posts  :o


Here is Parsad's first post on the old board.


Feb 20, '02 1:34 AM

by Sanjeev for everyone

Welcome to all the new members of the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders board!  This board will not function properly without your contributions and unlike other boards, we will not tolerate antagonists, spam, advertisements, or hostility here.  It is your responsibility to make me aware of people who are breaking the rules of civil conduct here.  Those that break these rules will be banned.  Some of you will be regular contributors, and some will be lurkers, but as long as you find some benefit from this board, then we have achieved something!  There is also live chat attached to our board, so during periods of activity (market events, major reports or acquisitions, etc.) that demand more conversation, everyone is welcome to particpate.  Again, you should feel free and comfortable that you will not be harassed here, and that this is a tight-knit community board!  Cheers!


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