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Ladies And Gentlemen: Here's The Newest Cover Of Time Magazine


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The VIX doesn't seem to indicate panic yet. Even though Time magazines and others are usually somewhat coincident indicators we don't have real downward pressure in the markets yet. The last time we saw that was after March 11th and the Earthquakes in Japan.




There is good reason to be hedged here and this cover is probably among the first of many to come.  I would wait for the VIX to be higher prior to allocating serious amounts of capital.

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I believe you will have ample opportunity to purchase good companies at great prices over the next few months no blood in the streets yet and just a faint whiff of concern about the problems we have to deal with. On another thread someone commented on the fact we were half way through a lost decade as far as the economy was concerned well for investors who have not been nimble or great stock pickers its been 11 years of sideways action. I think over all the mkt is acting like a coiled spring valuations are getting more and more attractive on a long term basis I just think we have a few more bumps in the road  and a few more miles to travel before we get started on the next bull mkt.  An elevated VIX certainly is a pretty good indicator of short term investor concern. I took my hedges off two days ago but they will be back on shortly I am pretty certain we have more workto do on the downside. Patience is wasted on the the experienced investor too bad I did not have more of it when I was younger. 

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