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Isn't life funny.  When the Canadian dollar was sick, the NHL pulled out their investment.  Now some of the expansion teams are sick, especially with a lower US dollar, and we are repatriating our asset!  ;D  Cheers!

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I find the term commitments on season tickets interesting.


No word yet on the boxes. The company I work for has a 1/2 box at the MTS Centre. I think it was $60K/year.


Here is a rather simplistic take on what has changed.


There are more things to add and also some things haven't changed (good and bad).


http://www.capgeek.com is interesting also as Manitoba wants to be close to Vancouver in payroll.



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Good Luck Winnipegers!  Im sure things will work out just fine!


Having said that,

Bettman makes me sick!


I couldnt stand watching him today.  He was mentioning all the things Winnipeg HAD to do to solidify the sale yet those same things he was talkin about really didnt seem to be too important to him when the subject is Coyotes.



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All season tickets are sold.




"Revenue is the only financial issue that matters in running an NHL franchise and at an average ticket price of $82 the Winnipeg club will generate just north of $54-million in ticket revenue this coming season. That’s before they sell a beer or a board sign or TV ad.


It’s also in the top half of ticket revenue among NHL teams. The smallest building in the smallest market in the league will make more money off ticket sales than half the teams in the NHL."


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