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Cramer: Goldman Unlikely to Get Indicted


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Guest ValueCarl

If Cramer said it, it must be true, right!  ;)


Of all people to appear in partnership with, recently I saw him make a guest appearance with The Don, "You're a LOSER if you haven't made it by the time you're FIFTY," Trump, I mean Chump, on "The Apprentice." Can you imagine a Presidential candidate so cocky and arrogant, one who measures a man's worth for their hard work, commitment and daily toils in his country only by their net worth and monetary means? For shame on The Donald! It is pretty apparent that all people cannot be rich, for then, most progress and work would end X the global economy.


Jimbo looked lean, mean, and abnormally serious compared to his normal clown like demeanor. Are the authorities finally looking into CRAMER?  


One can only hope for the day that this Goldman, Wall Street tool is INDICTED for all the INSIDER TRADING he has boldly admitted to across various venues even videotaped, inclusive of some which can no longer be found! Stick with Cramer, NOT!  >:(



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