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Feds specifically looking at Stevie Cohen


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Guest ValueCarl

Maybe Stevie will bow down in his prayer room to the DIAMOND SKULL he worships and had been reported to have paid a fortune of ILL GOTTEN GAINS for it! Pray Stevie, pray, because you are NO WONDER BOY!


What's most interesting; however, is that they're attempting to re-write history again-MORE BIG LIES-by not sourcing the purchase of the SKULL to Cohen himself, as was reported in the past! I am 100 percent certain that it was originally reported he purchased it although new searches inclusive of Wikipedia's-be CAREFUL there-history now leaves the ownership question in doubt until death do part STEVIE COHEN, one might speculate! 


You do get clues to the laundered type of money involved in this transaction here, however. It should be titled, "For the Love of Satan," but we know better who rules this world and would have better men think DIFFERENTLY!


What good is history and what good are MEN who FALSIFY data for personal gains much to the chagrin of mankind.  >:(










Damien Hirst, the creator of the work, was part of the consortium which bought it.

Hirst said that the work was sold on 30 August 2007, for £50 million, to an anonymous consortium.[9] Christina Ruiz, editor of The Art Newspaper, claims that Hirst had failed to find a buyer and had been trying to offload the skull for £38 million.[10] Immediately after these allegations were made, Hirst claimed he had sold it for the full asking price, in cash, leaving no paper trail. The consortium that bought the piece included Hirst himself.[11]



As well as some scepticism about the details of the sale, there is concern in the art world that the market may be about to turn as uncertainty hits the world's financial markets.




Observers say hedge fund financiers, among the biggest art buyers in recent years – Steve Cohen of SAC Capital bought Hirst's shark in formaldehyde in 2004 for a reported $8m – are likely to bow out following the recent financial market turmoil.



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Guest ValueCarl

It should NOT be forgotten that, the market implosion greatly benefited inclusive of being TRIGGERED by men like Stevie Cohen and his band of criminal miscreants like George Soros, financial terrorist, and agent of CHANGE!


Stevie was flush with CASH for such EVIL PURPOSES!  


Refer to the DOD report SUPPLIED in conjunction with the David Sokol, "SHOULD JUSTICE" be incorporated "criminally" subject thread under the Berkshire Hathaway title.  

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Guest ValueCarl

You are very welcome, twacowcfa, but conspiracies are not very hard to prove because by definition they only involve two people. Now, if you give me a little more latitude I will take you to the PINNACLE of the PYRAMID, an inner eye with so much power, influence and control, it may cause you to bear up arms!




Shall we break out our "TIN FOIL" party hats?  ;) 

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You know the other Sith Lord really got off quite easily in the end. He gave up about half of his fortune and spent a few years in a medium security facility. Today Mr M is viewed by many as a philanthropist and all round righteous dude. Do you think a Cohen indictment could have any impact on the FFH trial .

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Guest ValueCarl

In order to titillate the senses of the Wall Street analyst types holding their CFA designations and other notable degrees, let us add more "COLOR" to this story inclusive of the MILK MAN who has SUCKED from his STRAW everything he could out of America's bosom by visiting one of Dr. Byrne's less CAPTURED journalists, Mr. Mark Mitchell, a most noteworthy one who has tracked this deception for a good number of years now.


The COLOR of this MILK MAN's DRINK mind us, is a DEEP RED POISON, and equates to BLOOD in the STREETS for what were typically hard working citizens who believed in their nation, and everything they were taught in their schools that it may have once stood for. At the same time, this type of blood pouring almost always extends to the battle fields around the globe, before it is done and new "LEADERS" emerge on the world's financial landscape.


What good are men who appear to do good on the surface, but are established in CRIME so DEEP it would bring a COUNTRY to the BRINK of ABSOLUTE DESTRUCTION and DISASTER!  >:(


It is no wonder that The Founding Fathers of the U.S.A., established laws for "TREASON" of men like this inclusive of the PENALTY being DEATH! It is a very good thing to WIPE out EVIL and FINANCIAL TERRORISM wherever it may ORIGINATE from without EXCEPTION!


Here's some good news for readers here, though. You won't receive any CAPS or BOLD writing by Mr. Mitchell!  ;D On the other hand, mine is for eye popping effect to emphasize, "The Crime of this Century" which has taken place in the hopes of leaving indelible impressions in the psyche of the people who have been robbed most from this conspiracy to destroy the Republic which once stood.      





If you believe what you read in the press, Milken is a financial genius who revolutionized the markets for high-yield debt, also known as “junk bonds.”  Most journalists refer to him as the “junk bond king” while noting with admiration that he is also a “prominent philanthropist.” Even the usually reliable Economist magazine published an article in September 2010 that hailed Milken as an “innovator” whose junk bond finance helped build some of America’s greatest companies.

It is true that Milken’s finance contributed to the growth a few major companies – Ted Turner’s CNN and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., for example – but Milken and his cronies destroyed far more companies than they built. Among the many corporations that they wiped out were a number of America’s biggest savings and loans companies – massive financial operations whose collapse triggered the famous savings and loan crisis that inflicted serious damage on the economy and cost American tax-payers billions of dollars.  

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