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Fairfax Financial 2009 Shareholder's Dinner - Pictures!


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Hi Folks,


I would just like to say it was great to meet everyone again this year in Toronto.  I apologize if we didn't get to spend as much time as in the past, but more and more people are attending the dinner, Fairfax AGM and now MPIC AGM.  I sort of try and meet everyone and then move from table to table, and then quickly from function to function.  I saw many people who I wanted to say hello to, but there were usually scrums of people around them, or they were also moving from group to group trying to say hello to everyone.  Most of you have my email address, so email me whenever you like.  If you post here, I virtually see or read every post.


Our dinner was easily the best one yet!


- We started the dinner four years ago with just eight people.  Francis Chou was our guest that year.

- The following two years increased to about 19 and 33 people respectively, with both Sam Mitchell and Francis Chou attending and answering questions.  Some fantastic anecdotes and answers were given by them during those two years, that probably saved alot of people a great deal of financial pain.

- This year we had about 42 people attend, and our guests were Francis Chou, Sam Mitchell, Wayne Cadwallader.  They brought Brian Bradstreet as a surprise guest for everyone.  That was a real coup!  We were very fortunate to have them all attend.  I think there were some surprising things we learned this year from what they all had to say.  These are difficult times and very uncertain times going forward.


On behalf of the "Corner of Berkshire and Fairfax Board", I'd like to thank Brian, Francis, Sam and Wayne for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come and support our dinner.  I'd also like to thank Prem and all of Fairfax for all the support they've always shown us.  A special shout-out to Prem's assistant and my dear friend, Jo Ann Butler, who is facing some personal challenges which I know full-well she will beat the hell out of!  My trip just wasn't the same without seeing her this year.  I wish her the very best.  Cheers!

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I second your vote of thanks to Brian, Francis, Sam and Wayne and I'm sure everyone else who attended will agree that you should be added to the list.


We are especially grateful that Brian, Francis and Sam took the time to talk to us after what must have been a very long day for them and that they stayed so late to answer our questions.


I would also like to echo Prem's and your words of support to Jo Ann Butler - I haven't met her but just going by the truism that you can tell the character of a person by the company she keeps, she must be one terrific lady.


This was my first FFH dinner and AGM and I not only enjoyed it but benefited thoroughly from it. I found it particularly interesting to meet so many people of diverse backgrounds and investment philosophies with only one thing in common, FFH, binding us together.


Thanks again, Sanjeev, for putting everything together! :)



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