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I made it to omaha but my shareholder credentials did not!!!


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As we taxied down the runway the pit of my stomach began to sink...I could clearly visualize my Brk meeting credentials sitting on my dresser. Im laid over in Atlanta, arriving in Omaha around 10pm. If anyone has an extra pass or any suggestions please please post here!  I feel pretty bummed about this - any help at all is much appreciated and of course drinks and lunch are on me!



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They will probably let you in to everything if you can show you are a shareholder.  For example, being able to show them Berkshire holdings in a brokerage account with a smart phone would work.


Otherwise, logging in at a hotel and printing out some statement that shows BRK holdings.

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Hi Evolveus,


You have to go to the registration desk/kiosk at the Qwest Center with your printed brokerage statement or possibly the iPhone screen, and register by showing them that you are a shareholder.  They will give you your credentials there.  The kiosk is only open to 6pm on Friday, and opens at 7am Saturday.  You'll also need some ID, like a driver's license or passport.


Good luck!  Cheers!

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