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have any of you guys read Pabrai's Mosaic: Perspectives on Investing?


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I was looking on amazon for the Dhando Investor and stumbled on this one. The prices are really expensive for used books. I'm assuming it's out of print, but seems to be worthwhile due to the prices. Anyone care to comment on this one or the Dhando Investor?



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I read Dhando Investor while on vacation last month. It has to be one of the best books I have read on "Value Investing" for a layman. Lots of great stuff on moats ,competitive advantages, crisies as opportunity etc. Buy it read it and try to impliment it

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I have Mosaic and don't believe it's worth paying the current prices for. It's basically full of reprints of articles Mohnish published for various websites. Because of that, it is not a cohesive book; it's a bunch of articles on different topics all put together into one book.


The articles are good but probably not worth paying a high price for -- especially since you can track down most of the articles online for free  ;)


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