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BNN Interview with Prem


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  • 2 weeks later...

Isnt it funny the accolades they throw at him now?


Damn, people, this is the same guy he was for the last... well forever.


They are making it sound like Prem was a hermit - so thats why they didnt talk about him/to him before but geeze.. he sure was getting alot of ink here for a long time wasnt he? 


I dont know, thats just the thought that jumps out at me.





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You can get the direct clip here:




You also had shots of Kilroy, Daphne & Calonego in there, as well as Sam Chan who works for Fairfax.


It is quite amusing how cordial Andrew Bell was to Prem.  I remember the shots Bell has taken at Buffett in the past, and I'm sure he's taken shots at Fairfax at some point as well.  Cheers! 

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