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Plymouth Rock Assurance Annual Report 2008


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The shareholder letter came out for '08: https://www.prac.com/about-us/annual-reports/index.asp


If anyone is interested in the nuts and bolts of running an auto insurance, the Plymouth Rock letters are probably the best free course you can get.


The 2007 letter is also interesting in that it offers a glimpse into why so many institutions placed their money with private equity. Basically, the reasoning went that if a private equity persisted despite high fees, then they must have some advantage.

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Thanks for the info rabbitisrich!


They have compounded their book value per share by approximately 18% CAGR over a long period of time and the CEO seems to be a very focused fundamental investor.


I like what I see. Unfortunately, even if I study it further, the company is not available to the public investors. I know that a publicly traded fund had a significant part of their assets under management invested in Plymouth. Do you know wich one it is?



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