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Patrick Byrne on Minkow, Antar, Coehen and Whitney Tilson


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I'm on the record for having a distinct distaste for Whitney Tilson. Just like Minkow, Antar & Coehen hide behind a reformed criminal - good citizen veil, I believe Whitney Tilson hides behind a value investing veil. One only has to look at his behavior and the circles he runs in.


This is a great opinion piece from Patrick Byrne on these folks including Whitney Tilson.






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I think alot of the day to day stuff is handled by Stormy Simon, Jonathan Johnson and other staff.  Simon in particular is emerging as a real star in retail.  She revamped their entire product inventory, and then turned their customer service department into one of the best in the entire online industry.  Now she looks poised to join the board of directors at the AGM.  She was recently in one of Overstock.com's television ads.  I would not be surprised to see her running the entire company at some point in the future.  Cheers! 

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