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Travel Insurance


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OT question, not investing, looking for ideas re obtaining travel insurance, especially emergency medical coverage if out of Canada.


Have found one of the credit card coverages (RBC), about $150/yr for a couple.


CAA seems overly complicated, appears to require purchase prior to each trip.


Would like to be able to make once-a-year purchase, be able to drive across border to US anytime for visit etc, not have to preplan.


Also to make various vacation trips.  Those are preplanned because of airplane ticket purchase.


New concern for us.  Used to have coverage thru my wife's employer, never thought about insurance purchase.


Any suggestions, anecdotes, etc?  Thanks!

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Depending on your age and how much you travel.... the Odyssey gold card from Desjardins Financial might be an option for you. Annual fee is $110.  You don't need to have any other banking relationship with Desjardins.




Emergency Health Care Coverage


This coverage, offered by Desjardins Financial Security, is automatic. The insurance covers you and family members in case of accident or illness outside your province of residence. It provides up to $5,000,000 per covered person for eligible required care and services, including transportation, repatriation, living expenses and dental care.


Length of protection:   (# of travel days outside of country that will be covered under plan)


    * Under age 60: 48 days

    * Age 60 to 64: 23 days

    * Age 65 to 75: 14 days

    * Age 76 or over: please contact us

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Thanks!  Two good ideas.  I'm going to be reading up on policy details of coverage, how they fit with my particular situation etc.


I figured some of you insurance-savvy value investors would have good ideas!


vrbo.com is the prior suggestion of that nature which I gleaned from reading this board's posts, and it's worked out for me so far.


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Hi Woodstove,


I buy mine through BCAA, and I buy for the entire year.  I can go on any number of trips in a year, as long as they aren't more than 8 days each, $5M coverage, $300 deductible, and I pay about $65/year.  For longer trips, you just go in or phone in, and they will extend the coverage for the number of extra days you need for a fee.  I chose 8 days, because I usually go on lots of short trips, but you can buy other durations too...shorter or longer.  Cheers!

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