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Collective bargaining and Pavlov's dogs


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This is purely political (what isnt these days). I would hope everyone could see that. By conceding the Unions have taken the budget issues off the table. He basically just wants to bust the Union (which could be a good thing for those that agree with his policies).


Americans are made as hell at unions, im a Corporate guy but know the quality of life we have that everyone envies is largely cause of Unions.


This is an accounting issue inmo. Its funny how the rule of law and contracts goes out the window when its not big business.


Thats my rant for the day.

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Here's an interesting article on the middle class vs the upper class.  Guess which one has done better in the last umpteen years..



The article talks a bit about unions too:


But union membership has declined rapidly over the past 30 years. In 1983, union workers made up about 20% of the workforce. In 2010, they represented less than 12%.


"The erosion of collective bargaining is a key factor to explain why low-wage workers and middle income workers have seen their wages not stay up with inflation," Rodgers said.


Without collective bargaining pushing up wages, especially for blue-collar work -- average incomes have stagnated.

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