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Do you see any misallocations due to the Arab uprisings?


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Oil. Other fuels should have some overflow effect as well.  It is only a matter of time before flows to Europe and China start to get impeded.


I for one am wondering where all these dictators are going to seek asylum if Saudi Arabia starts to have issues.

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I am overweight oil and after a jittery week plan on holding. My guess is this is the last straw needed to end the moratorium and push energy policy back on the front pages.


More importantly I want to know how it ends. I still think the richer states are safe (Kuwait, Saudi, UAE), but these smaller ones with internal issues in North Africa and Bahrain are interesting. I dont know if the world will stand buy while these guys fight it out.


Interesting / saddening news.

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U.S flexing its muscles? I think the world forgot who polices the world's waterways...great that oil is being

produced...but another thing getting it shipped to you.


I have not heard too much emission talk about the Canadian oil sands...and we have seen about $50 billion worth of Nat gas properties bought in the last year...from every country imaginable...


We are interested in Nat gas....not sure how to play it. Any ideas?  clean, cheap massive infrastructure needed and in America we have it...so the headlines could switch this way inour opinion.

here is one.


" America has had enough of the middle east...jobs here (massive infrastructure needed), cheaper fuel, clean for our kids future."





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Dazel thats an interesting and refreshing perspective.


Everyone (including myself) likes to beat on the sleeping giant, but perhaps America does have a purpose. Nat Gas is a huge mess in my opinion. Developing it will require some sort of central planning which is out of fashion in the US.


My advice, grab an oil driller who has some gas assets which can be ramped up on the turn (SD) or a deep water high pressure gas driller (MMR) who has extremely low costs. Then wait, Exxon is in the gas business and will buy off Washington to do whats best.


Capitalism at its best?

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