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Fairfax Financial Pre-Dinner Pint ... (For Those In Town Early)


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As our pre-annual meeting dinner night at Joe's has always been enjoyable and the conversations educational, there still has been one nagging problem. That problem is we seem to always run out of time :)


For a few that arrive early, I invite you to join me for a pint to expand our conversational time. Location is the Barristers Bar located in the Hilton Hotel property on the corner of Richmond and University around 5:00pm. It is approximately 5-6 blocks from Joe Badali's Restaurant, so within easy walking distance if only a few pints are consumed.


Barristers has a casual atmosphere perfect to unwind after a long day with a pint or cocktail - a nostalgic location location as a long time favorite spot for Toronto's legal community.


I will be easy to spot as I will be wearing my Fairfax hat!



Formally (653211)

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Hi James,


Thank you for the invitation, however there is a little problem.  I found this on the website for the hotel


"Barrister's Restaurant will be closed for refurbishment Friday April 10th and reopening for dinner on Monday April 27th, 2009. We apologize for any inconvenience."




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Any other ideas? I'll be just off of Yonge Street and College Street. Have not been to Toronto for about 20 years but seem to remember a place or two on Yonge Street between my location and the Eaton Centre. If you have any ideas, please reply. If not, we'll just see you at the dinner.



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Thanks so much for the catch Phoenix01 as I guess they are remodeling the nostalgic right out :)


Instead of picking a plethora of other places, let's stick with the Hilton as its big and easy to locate. The other Bar inside the Hilton is the Tundra Bar which is fine.


I will still be wearing my Fairfax hat :)


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