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More Controversy For Bigliari


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Great article. I like this paragraph.


Hopefully the ad nauseum comparisons stop at least here - This new reverse split will no doubt draw further comparisons between Biglari Holdings and Berkshire Hathaway . That comparison infuriates many in the investment community who believe that Sardar Biglari is still wet behind the ears, has much to prove in order to even be mentioned in the same breath as Warren Buffett and is already hurting his case by making some very un-Buffett-like moves. Only time will tell.


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I haven't followed Bilgari as closely as some here, but to me it looks like he thinks that what made Buffett so great is *what* he did rather than *why* he did it.


He won't get there just by getting the right look and mechanics... He would also need the brilliance, patience, and integrity.

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