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Class Actions Starting Against Fremont Board


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About time. 


Question of the day:  What is more crooked, the road to Hana or a Michigan executive (or politician, take your pick)????



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Bronco - My wife and I drove the road to Hana on our honeymoon.  When we left Hana in the late afternoon to go back to Wailea, we thought it would be faster to get back to the west side of the island by taking the road along the southern side of the island instead of going back on the north side's official road to Hana that we had already driven on.


We knew that rental cars weren't allowed on the southern road, but the route looked shorter and we thought "how bad could it be?"


Let me tell you, that was one of the damn scariest drives of my entire life.  On our drive, the sun quickly set and it became completely dark.  There is nothing on the south side of that part of the island, so there is no light anywhere.  The road was very crooked and was only wide enough for one car for much of the way.  Much of the road isn't paved and there were tons of potholes.  Add to that the fact that the road has no shoulder and drops off a cliff to the ocean on one side and has a rock wall on the other and let me tell you, that is something I'll never do again.


Taking the "short way home" from Hana that evening ended up taking us twice as long as going back on the official road to Hana would have.


Here are a couple of pictures of that road, which where I'm from is more the size of a bike path (and again, imagine driving this in the pitch black):






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Sign me up! Maybe if the lawsuits start flying the directors will wake up to their fiduciary duties.

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