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Markel Q4 Conference Call Transcript


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Here is the transcript from Markel's latest conference call.  I really like the comment by Tom Gaynor..."today’s Markel, which strapped on a third engine compared to the previous two, the power of the growth of the financial value of your company.  I’m delighted to report to you that all three engines were working in 2010, as you can see from the 16% growth and the book value per share of this year to a new record high of $326.  We are also optimistic that all three will continue to do so going forward."




Currently, Fairfax seems like a much better deal now that Markel has risen to well above 1.25 times book.  So Prem, strap on that third engine!  You know three-quarters of your shareholders think its time.  Cheers!

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