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trade execution questions


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I have been wondering if trades thru Scottrade are executed as efficiently as other brokers.

Had a trade at limit the other day for 2000 shs. of a thinly stock, market maker sold me 50 shs at end of day

Today, had an order for 1950 in between bid and ask , but it was an all or none trade,  the shares were not shown

in the bid side and were never traded even tho trades happened at my limit and lower.

Is this the consequence of an all or none trade , or can it have to do with Scottrade  practices, have wondered about Scottrade's order routing for a while

TIA, Gary

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It is my understanding that it was a consequence of the all or none trade.  Assuming it is not a stock under a $1, I would suggest breaking up the 1950 shares into modest 300 to 500 share chunks and then do all or none trades (even if it is at the same price).  That should avoid the 50 share execution, without killing you on trade costs.

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