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TED Speech - How to Succeed...The Power of Sleep!


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I remember someone at the AGM in Chicago asking him, that with all of his new responsibilities (Dakshana, etc), did he have enough time to run the fund properly.  His response in a slow, reflective, honest exchange somewhat paraphrased as I can't remember it verbatim..."well there is my family and the children, and then Dakshana, my writing...much of the rest of my waking hours is spent running the fund...in there somwhere I squeeze in exercise and my nap!"  I couldn't stop laughing!  Cheers!

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Parsad: Awesome story about Monish!!


Here's a great audio interview with Dr. Robert Stickgold, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Center for Sleep and Cognition at Harvard Medical School about sleep.

http://www.wgbh.org/programs/episode.cfm?featureid=21307 (22 minutes)





You guys are keeping me busy with these non investment related articles. Thanks for the link. Still working through the diet info.

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