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Financial Markets with Professor Robert Shiller (Open Yale Courses)


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Financial Markets with Professor Robert Shiller




Basic financial knowledge taught by Robert Shiller with guest lectures of Icahn, Swensen and Schwarzman. Class was taught in late 2008.


For anyone who likes to refresh their basic knowledge of finance, or like to pick up little nuggets from Shiller you might enjoy these lectures.


Hat tip to Sleight of Hand (http://sleightfraud.blogspot.com/) for introducing one of these videos.



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Thanks for the pointer to Robert Shiller's course.  I really like those Yale courses - the transcripts mean than one can read move much faster, at reading speed instead of waiting for the video/audio of the speaker.  Slides are available as pdf files.  And the downloadable zip file means you can put the material on your computer, not be dependent upon internet response speeds, even take it along on a trip to a place with no internet connection.


I've been working my way thru the Yale Astronomy course, and have downloaded the Shiller course for a follow-on enjoyment.

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