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There's interest from a couple of producers and big labels.  He's the best friend of my cousin from Seattle, and I've watched him grow up for the last ten plus years.  I talked to him about four years ago, shortly after starting Corner Market Capital, about doing what he was passionate about and to find good mentors to emulate.  At the time, he was just writing some music and rapping with a couple of friends.  I related my own story about Buffett, Prem, Francis, Mohnish, et al.  That he would find success doing something he was passionate about, but the hardest step is to just take that first one!  It seems he did just that!


He and my cousin were in Vancouver for the last few days staying with me, and he showed me everything he had worked on and the album he produced.  He talked about the network of people he's gotten to know and how fortunate he is to be doing what he loves.  That video was produced by Marty Martin, who was creative director behind Microsoft's Windows 7 video campaign...thus the high product value and quality of the video.  Anyway, keep an eye out for him.  I think he will do very well!  Cheers! 

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