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I was given this book as a Christmas present.




Wasnt a long read - knocked it off in a few hours but i'll admit I really couldnt put it down.


The guy had some crazy stories - too bad he is not still around because after reading the book, even though he did some edgy stuff, I seemed to find him really likeable - he seemed have a code of honour to live by.


Was definately a sad story though - the actual incident of his death they got it out of the way at the beginning of the book, probably so you could enjoy the ups and downs, trials and tribulations of his stories throughout.

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I think you will find that most tough guys live by the code that's their job,to protect some fancy boy who usually makes a lot more money than the tough guys do.Can you tell where my heart is? Probert was one of my favorites along with Kordic and Marc Potvin all tough guys that are dead now.Cheers

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Stone have you read the book? If you are a real Probert fan its a must - again its more like just sitting across from him then it is a normal book.


Make sure you have time alloted when you pick it up cause like me, i couldnt put it down.

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