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Old Steve Jobs Interview


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Thanks for posting.


I am halfway thru reading it.


Interesting to read his thoughts back in 1984


Shows how much of a visionary he was...eg envisioning the computer as an common household appliance back in 1984.


I only wish I would have read it + taken it to heart back then.



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Yes, thanks for posting.  It is amazing how much of a visionary he was.  I was not a tech guy back then (and am not now), but remember being fascinated with him and Bill Gates.  I mean how could these 20 something guys have made so much money?  I recall that when I was looking at colleges one possibility my mother mentioned was Cal State Chico which was supposed to have one of the best computer programming departments in the country (I have no idea whether that was in fact true or not, but it was what was told to me at the time).  I remember thinking that's great and all, but what does someone actually do with that degree?  Ah, the problems with youth. 

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