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Remember This Article - How Sleazy is CNBC Really?


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I know that there are alot of people who think Patrick Byrne is crazy, but I'm absolutely flabbergasted that CNBC would publish this article.  What exactly are they saying?  Why would a news outlet write such puerile opinion?  How sleazy and corrupt is CNBC?  


I hope the Justice Department somehow can subpoena CNBC (I know that they can't, but I can wish) to release emails.  Absolutely mind-boggling and every time Buffett goes on there, I lose a tiny bit of respect.  I can't even imagine Bloomberg doing this.  Nuts!  Cheers!



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Guest ValueCarl

Oh, this is the expert on broadband networks! The speed at which his firm closed its doors, and the commentary he had for his readers regarding him not agreeing to cooperate with the authorities was illustrative of someone with plenty to hide. Maybe the people from Akamai will pay for his lawyers? Or Goldman, with their excessively large Limelight stake, even. 


Better still, maybe Comcast will, since that they should greatly appreciate those people who understand the inner workings of internet related companies and how they interconnect! On top of that, they'll be owning this trash news organization made up of carnival barkers and circus clowns as soon as their friends at the DOJ finish dotting the i's and crossing the t's for their monopoly.    


Sounds like he's stolen enough money to where leaving his family behind and him paying a personal price during service in Jail House Rock, on taxpayer dimes, is his best course of action. Let him fry there then! imo      

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How sleazy and corrupt is CNBC?

I dont watch CNBC anymore - it is a show and they need to attract people to watch them. Recently, I saw the Tepper interview and it was not very impressive. I do think that Becky Quick appears somewhat ok compared to the others.


I dont know why Buffett appears on CNBC but I will cut him some slack - the guy is 80 years old, has paid his dues to society and I like listening to him. I hope he continues to run BRK for another ten years or longer. The other day, we visited a family friend who is 77 and is in an adult home, he is suffering from dementia - he can barely recognize his own family members. If I can retain my faculties like Buffett at 80, I will be very happy.

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