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Annual Meetings


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Good topic!  I'm from the Toronto area.  If a tsx listed company has their meeting in Toronto I try to attend, not so much for the prepared remarks but the Q + A and the body language of the management.



What I would be interested in, is which companies large or small have anyone heard had the best shareholder meetings.  For example a few years back I heard Cineplex, which runs a chain of movie theatres had their annual and had the concession stands open and free.  You could bascially get whatever you wanted.  I'd have a pocket full of snickers bars!!!!


Anyone else have or heard any similar stories?





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I always attend the First National Bank of Alaska meeting in Anchorage in late March.  The Chairman of the board i Dan Cuddy and owns about 12-24% of the stock.  He is extremely sharp and knowledgeable and has a personality very similar to Mr. Munger. He was complaining that he couldn't deduct the increase to the reserves that he made right before the crash.  Said the gov't should encourage building up the reserves.  He also is very vocal on banks getting int non banking businesses.

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