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Mario Lemieux Mosaic


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This is completely unrelated to investments but I thought most folks would appreciate it. If you haven't seen this yet, do check it out. The new arena in Pittsburgh has a huge mosaic of Mario Lemieux made up from pictures sent in by the fans. The following website will show you the mosaic but it also allows you to pan in on the individual pictures that make up the entire mosaic.


It really is unbelievable how they have done this.







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I heard Sardar wanted to hire Mario Lemieux to run a new sports division of bh. Lemieux declined, saying he would only accept the job if they changed the name of the company from Biglari Holdings to Mario Holdings.

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Mario is actually just a minority owner.

He is a god in Pittsburgh with coming back from Cancer, what he did on ice and his cancer foundation so it is fairly understandable they would have some homage there for him. Dont forget, the street the Arena is on is called Mario Lemieux place


Funny, I was at the 2nd or 3rd game in pittsburgh wearing a Maple Leaf Jersey and some suit came up to me asking how i liked the new arena. I chatted for a bit. Later we bumped into each other again at the Radisson i think? the hotel across the street, and i found he was one of the execs from the company that organized the building of the arena.

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I would say that most people might disagree about the exact order, but the greatest players to play the game of hockey would probably be:


1)  Wayne Gretzky

2)  Bobby Orr

3)  Mario Lemieux


He spent his whole career there, and pretty much saved the franchise (took a piece of ownership, in lieu of his paycheck as the team went bankrupt), so I'm guessing the mural is well-deserved.  He mentored another future Hall of Famer (Jaromir Jagr) and is a father-figure to the league's current best player (Sidney Crosby).  In fact, I believe Crosby lived with Lemieux and his family until this year.  And when he came back to save the team, he had done so after a battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma, and led the league in scoring that year!  Tempermental when he was younger, he became a class-act as he matured.  One of the most gifted hockey players in history.  Cheers!

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