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The one thing that I've thought about for a long time now is exactly what is CNBC's relationship with many of the people they cover.  We know that Patrick Byrne was ridiculed for insinuating that he had knowledge of a specific fax machine at CNBC where information was sent directly, and we know that CNBC reporters have good relationships with certain hedge fund managers...for example Ron Insana worked for SAC Capital in some capacity from late 2008 to early 2009 after his hedge fund collapsed.  


Some of the journalism practices at CNBC vary markedly from other outlets, say for example Bloomberg.  I would like to see the SEC investigate emails and relationships at CNBC, although I'm sure that will be difficult as they will hide behind the first amendment.  I've had the same concerns with Buffett appearing so regularly on there as well.  I hope Prem never shows up on there!  Cheers!  

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Guest ValueCarl

I also found it perplexing the way that Warren and Charlie seemed to adopt, Becky Quick, an avid, sometimes hostile critic of Patrick, right in his face during the hey day of his conspiracy theory surrounding illegal naked short selling.


Of course, as you have pointed out, Sanjeev, Warren Buffett reaches a very wide audience-ratings-for delivering his business messages while using CNBC as a conduit.


I've often hoped that there was something counterintuitive being implemented by "The Oracle."


Like, "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer."  :-\



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Erin B - did someone mention financial porn before?


She is super cute with an awesome on-air personality but it doesn't look like she has time to hit the gym if you know what I mean.  But I am 235 lbs, so who am I to criticize. 

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I dont know Bronco she is not too bad. You guys made me google her to see what yall were talking about.


The maxim pic further down is not too bad.




I cant blame Buffett, I would probably prefer to talk to Becky Quick vs Joe or some of the other guys.

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