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How much do you read?

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Hey guys,


So, I was managing my reader today, changing and adding some search terms and stuff... I then realized that I have well over 230 RSS feeds. I am guessing that 30% are for Google searches, 40% non-investment related blogs, 30% SEC filings. These numbers can also be squed by the amount of posting that a site does... for example, there is no way that I could ever get through everything on zero hedge. Simoleon Sense has a ton of useful stuff, but, is only 1 site.


Got me thinking, how many do you guys read?


Additionally, at what point do we think that this can lead to information overload? Do you feel susceptible to this? I am guessing that if any group of people is, it would probably be us, as I figure that we spend that vast majority of our time reading (even if it is just SEC filings).

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My reader only has 3 value blogs (I also subscribe to a couple of other feeds). I get an e-mail once a day that has a list of keywords I am looking to see.


Besides that I read the WSJ daily, browse sections of the NYT, and figure if anything is really important I'll see it get mentioned on Twitter (I keep my twitter follow list pretty low, around 150, and only check sporadically).


I've mostly dialed back how much information I take in these days because I figure that there is a declining utility to it. I try to spend more of my time these days reading primary documents (10-Ks, transcripts) versus blog posts or newspaper articles. I've noticed that my abilities as an analyst have benefited from this.


It's one thing to read about investing, it's another thing to actually go out and do it. So I've tried to keep my reading list more manageable.

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For us ludites, what is a feed?




it's just a way to grab all the news from the usual sites you visit and access it in one place (such as a feed reader). Certain sites will give you the full feed, others will only give you a preview and make you click a link to go to their site and read the full article/entry.

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