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Does anyone know how to get Warren Buffett's autograph?


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I know it's a bit dorky, but I'd love to have it.



I sent a letter to his corporate office and got a standard form letter. I even paid for a self addressed stamped envelop and supplied the pen in order to be somewhat creative and get him to sign it...but it didn't do any good. I've also tried to go to the shareholder's meeting, but certainly no luck there.  Any suggestions?

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You didn't get a letter back with his actual signature on it?  Was it actually a form letter...what did it say?  Cheers!


I wrote a letter about how he is a huge influence in my life and I included a copy of the "Buy American. I am" article he wrote a while back.


I received a form letter back for someone named Carrie Kizer saying this:


"To Whom it May Concern:


We regret to inform you that we are no longer able to process requests for autographs. Since we have over 600,000 shareholders, requests for Mr. Buffett's autograph have multiplied to the point that it is impossible to do it for everyone."


I received it back today. To my disappointment, they just sent back the form letter with the article.  :(


On the bright side, it's cool to have official Berkshire letterhead and it looks like she signed it.

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