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Berkshire, Fairfax May Benefit By Buying XL


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An FBR analyst is suggesting that Berkshire and/or Fairfax should buy XL Capital and improve the investment returns.  I think it is pure speculation, but it would be interesting to see Berkshire and Fairfax do a joint deal, not unlike Berkadia, and work together on XL. 


I think that would be one of the highlights of Prem's career to finally do a substantial deal with Berkshire.  He's done smaller ones where they've shared purchases of preferred shares or notes, but not something like a Berkadia.  I would love to see it!  Cheers!



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Is XL bermuda based? I thought Buffett's opinion on the Bermudas was that he thought the 4% premium tax was way too low?  Any conflict of interest here?

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