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Another Article on Buffett Losing His Touch


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Usually when these articles start coming out of the woodwork, you know that Berkshire has hit bottom for now and things should get better.  The one from Diane Francis last week, which followed a number of articles by Doug Kass, and recently Peter Eavis and James Cramer, should mean good news for Berkshire owners going forward.




What's quite amusing is the quote below regarding Fairholme's decision to sell Berkshire:


His dumping of Berkshire Hathaway, however, is a particularly troubling signal since his investing acumen is so well-respected that he is mentioned by some industry experts as a possible successor to Mr. Buffett.


So they suggest in the article that investors shouldn't put too much weight into the opinions of the "gurus", yet they use Berkowitz as a guru and his opinion should matter.  Oh the hypocrisy! 

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Guest ericopoly

Now managers need to be more tactical and embrace alternative investments, Mr. Martin said.


Sanjeev, have you embraced an alternative lately?  Are you being more tactical?


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