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So, I see this, and I think to myself: "the stock is up 4% on this report, which basically says the same things that have been posted on this board for quite sometime... how un-original on part of the market."


I mean, really, the franchise growth, prototype stores, effective turnaround and the like, shouldn't come as news to anyone with an internet connection and interest in the stock.


Is there anything else in the report that didn't get published in the yahoo article? I would love to see a copy of the thing, if anyone feels like forwarding a copy to me; I just want to know what was so damned compelling that the stock would go up like that...

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It may be institutions (who never actually follow stocks) are just pouring money into whatever stock has been upgraded.  So dumb money is finding its way there.  The stock isn't expensive, but its not cheap either...especially after considering the impact of the new compensation package.  Cheers! 

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