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Mauboussin: It's All about Managing For Value"


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Guest longinvestor

Recent piece from Michael Mauboussin



Some of the points he raises have merit and I can relate to in my own experience with managers but on the whole he sounds very "professor-like". We have a lot of those going around, like the ones he quotes and also lists as references. His reference to the new CEO of a company getting it wrong as witnessed by the company stock underperforming the S&P in the first three years....stopped me from reading further. I did go back later and finished reading and started forgetting!


While on the subject of "corporate management", could board members here list about 10 corporations (other than BRK) which have successfully "managed for value" over 25-50 years. No matter whether they followed this professor or not. Michael Collins did something similar and came up with Abbott, Kroger, Nucor, Walgreens.....Want to see what the value investors on this board come up with!



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