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I just watched this documentary on the natural gas energy industry.  I thought it was very interesting, and I wonder if it could steer energy policy around natural gas in the future.  Already, CHK energy is out defending the gas industry because of this film (of course, no big surprise there).  I'm pretty sure there are a few natural gas energy investors on here: PDS, SD.  Here's an interview with the filmmaker and some background info on his film:




Any thoughts? 

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I caught the full documentary on HBO a few nights ago. I thought it was a great documentary, and highly recommend it. It makes you think twice before investing in (or leasing to) companies reliant on fracking. It wouldn't surprise me at all to find that everything documented is entirely 100% factual. The gas industry has attempted to retort the documentary's claims on their sponsored website: http://www.energyindepth.org/


I am not smart enough to know if the energy companies are telling the truth, yet something tells me that this documentary is going to cause enough public awareness to give reason to cause further independent investigations on fracking, and the chemicals used in the process.

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