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New Li Lu Presentation


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Yep, the audio is bad. I listened to the presentation a few times (using headphones) and wrote out a transcript of the lecture. This is not exactly what was said but I think it gets quite close:




Thank you Tariq, I hoped a transcript would turn up.  Your hard work is greatly appreciated.

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Nice to hear him praise (very) long term analysis... following this board discussion (http://cornerofberkshireandfairfax.ca/forum/index.php?topic=2540.0):


Regarding the 20-30 yrs financial history, I would recommend reading Graham's 40+ yrs analysis of U.S. steel., his 15 yrs analysis of American Radiator and Buffett's 15-20 yrs analysis of Geico trends. I also know he read all of KO's annuals from the beginning - that is 100+ yrs. I hold KO's financials since 1919 and reading what happened during the roaring 20s and through the Great Depression gives you priceless insight into the NARTD industry economics throughout the big cycles, and, I would claim, to several other industries with similar characteristics.


BTW, any idea on the availability of the GM 100yrs inputs online?

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