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Southeastern Asset Mgmt presentation to SEC


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Guest longinvestor

Some of you may have seen this already, but if not it's worth reviewing. 



Thanks for posting. Very happy to see SEAM take this up. I am hoping this turns into a chorus from like minded non-diversified funds. When funds like Longleaf make large bets on a few positions, the impact on returns by "market making" shenanigans is often huge. Prime example, as a FFH holder and a Longleaf fund owner the 2002-06 period was not so great for me. I've followed investigative reporters such as deepcapture.com expose of such topics for several years but having large market participants like mutual fund managers will greatly help. Like SEAM,  I'm sick & tired of mkt makers' b$$llsh$t contributions to society of "improving liquidity in markets". Yeah right!

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