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Notes on David Einhorn: The Predator in a Cute T-Shirt


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Mark Mitchell writes a sarcastic, yet very indicative story on David Einhorn.  I'm sure there are people on both sides of the fence when it comes to Einhorn, especially after his book came out, but the relationships and playbook are remarkably familiar.  Anyone who owned Fairfax or Overstock shares over the last 6-7 years can call out what each step of the game would be.  There were days when we knew exactly what was going to be in the press, because some idiot would write it anonymously on the old MSN message board.  We knew that would be the next story by Peter Eavis, or another analyst report would come out from John Gwynn.  Today we know that Gwynn was corrupt and frontrunning his reports.  Cheers!



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I had a difficult time getting through the article due to all snarky implications in place of substantive analysis. At some point there should have been an argument for Einhorn's analytical errors; instead, Mitchell provided cui bono arguments. Seymour Hersh, he is not.

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