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If anyone can answer this - general forum program related


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I notice sometimes I am trying to reply to a post - I am quoting a previous post and as I am typing words (it maybe when i am editing-cant remember)

the screen goes up and down - i can get words in but i cant really see it.


Does it have to do with the Admin settings of the forum? i.e. the forum/posting is set to a certain amount of characters?


If anyone knows would be appreciated - there is another forum i am on and it does the same thing. Its only in posts with alot of content/text/characters.



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Hi Smazz,


Click the little square box next to your address bar at the top of your browser that looks like a page ripped in half.  This changes the page compatibility to the new version of Explorer and it will stop bouncing around.  If you clear out your cookies each time you close your browser, this will always reset, so you'll have to click it again before posting each time.  If you don't clear out your cookies, it will remember.  Cheers!

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